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Meats -

• Milford bay trout taco with Black River slaw,
  radishes, in house tartar sauce, lime juice
  and fried capers

• King Cole Maple smoked duck confit Medonte
  highlands heirloom tomatoes, and micro

• Hormone free pulled pork with Collingwood
  rye BBQ sauce, crunchy slaw and crispy
  panko onions

• Couchiching Bison burger with smoked
  pepper mayo, baby sprouts, charred field
  tomato and pickled onions

• Berkshire Pork Mac'n'Cheese

• Coldwater venison sausage with Wahta
  cranberry and Severn Bridge caramelized
  shallot compote

Vegetarian -

• Roasted Heirloom beet sliders topped with
  organic micro sprouts and herb infused aioli

• Marinated grilled Orillia Farmer's market
  seasonal vegetables topped with panko
  dusted shallots

• Organic Quinoa and Holland marsh charred
  sweet pepper sliders drizzled with topped
  with micro sprouts and edible petals

From the Garden (salads) -

• Grenville farms micro greens topped with
  seasonal farmer's market vegetables, baby
  heirloom tomatoes topped with yam crisps
  and seasonal berries

• Thai Chicken crunch: locally sourced chicken
  grilled to perfection tossed with crispy
  nappa cabbage, sweet peppers tossed
  with toasted peanut sauce topped with
  bean sprouts, cilantro and crispy noodles

• Quinoa, garden herbs, charred vegetables
  tossed with tomato and rocket pesto

Sunshine City Breakfast -

• Sweet potato and stone gate venison
  hash with farm fresh poached egg.

• Georgian Bay pickerel melt served on
  artisan bread topped with grilled sweet
  peppers, onion and topped with bubbling
  Ontario cheese

• Lake Country sweet corn and jalapeno
  waffle topped with crunchy fried local
  chicken and Shaw's maple syrup and
  seasonal berries

• Farm gate grilled vegetable sweet potato
  hash with optional Ontario cheeses and
  farm fresh egg

From the Kettle (soups) -

• Smoked duck, Algonquin wild rice and Leek

• Lake Country sweet corn chowder

• Smoke licked Big Ass Garlic and
  Foraged Mushroom Soup

Flavorful Sides -

• Root chips dusted with sea salt

• Corn fritters drizzled with a lemon herb

• Black River campfire baked beans

• Black River slaw tossed with roasted
  pumpkin seeds and dried cranberries

Our condiment bar features a variety of
traditional toppings as well as some unusual
ones that we make and preserve ourselves.


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Thank you for considering Black River Food.
Yours Professionally, Chef Becky

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