Christmas and Holiday Menu Tier 2...

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Appetizers -

• Cheddar cups filled with pancetta and
   tomato relish

• Parsnip, cognac and pea meal chowder

• Seared Digby scallop on cucumber round
   with a Wahta cranberry and
   chestnut chutney

• P.E.I oysters on the half shell au mignonette

• Crumbled blue cheese, bacon and date
   strudels with fireside crumbled
   chestnut pieces

• Indian spiced shrimp tortilla boats with
   coriander relish

• Corn and chorizo fritters with
   cranberry chutney

• Fig and creamy blue cheese with crumbled
   prosciutto crustini

• Crab salad, sweet peppers and avocado
   endive boats

• Vegetable chips with edamame hummus and
   crisp bean garnish

• Buffalo loin spoons with hoison glaze

• Indian chicken and basmati spoons and
   pampadum chips

• Seared scallop chorizo and garlic stuffed
   olive skewer

• Rustic Terrine with Port-soaked dates

• Charcuterie (a melange of wild game salamis
   and smoked sausage and cured meats) with
   figs, olives and bread rusks

Entrées -

• Peppered pork loin with roasted garlic and
   dark chocolate sauce

• Maritime Bouillabaisse with a plethora of
   seafood, mussels, lobster and Great
   Lake pickerel

• Seared lamb chops with lemon pistachio
   crumbs and polenta

• Whiskey glazed turkey with cranberry and
   blood orange glaze

• Crown roast of Pork with caramelized pears,
   cranberries and chestnuts

• Roasted quail with figs, red onion and sage
   on mustard mixed greens

• Tagliatelli tossed with fig, black olive and
   rosemary tapenade

• Braised venison with dried cherry jus

• Cinnamon rubbed Muscovy duck breast with
   vanilla parsnip puree

• Herb crusted bison loin stuffed with
   pistachios, wahta cranberries
   and caramelized shallots

• Classic herb crusted roast beef tender and
   succulent au jus topped with caramelized
   pearl onions and shitakes

• Turkey supreme stuffed with dried berries
   and sage onion wrapped with double
   smoked bacon and thyme sprigs

• Venison medallions wrapped with double
   smoked bacon in a rich mushroom sauce

• Individual Cornish hens stuffed with
   Algonquin wild rice with dried nuts and fruit

From the Garden (Salads) -

• Field greens and cranberry vinaigrette and
   Monchego shards

• Romaine hearts with shrimp and
   pancetta crisps

• Roasted fig, radicchio and pine nut cocktail

• Orange, fennel and roasted olive

• Grilled Zucchini, stuffed tomatoes and
   warm potato salad

• Frisee salad with beets, celeriac
   and walnuts

• Warm mushroom salad with aged
   Canadian cheddar and walnuts

• A tangled bed of baby greens with crisp
   root chips, Clementine segments and
   pomegranate seeds

• Organic seedlings with vine-ripened
   tomatoes, Canadian feta and
   sweet peppers

Sides -

• Savoury stuffed wild rice winter squash

• Root vegetables with whiskey and ginger
   rubbed pearl onions with charred
   sweet peppers

• Beet and Chard ragout

• Bulgur with Cumin scented sweet potatoes

• Date and olive couscous

• Onion gratin with fresh thyme

• Cider glazed turnips with cranberries and
   pumpkin seeds

• Green bean and creamy mushroom
   chestnut ragout

• Sage butter roasted potatoes
   and rosemary

• A chiffonade of brussel sprouts, roasted
   shallots and crumbled double smoked
   bacon and Ontario blue

• Roast sweet potato and maple mash

Desserts -

• Individual chocolate boats filled with
   seasonal fruit and drizzed with a
   drambuie glaze

• Traditional Christmas fruit cake with mince
   meat tartlets

• Death by Chocolate cake topped with
   chocolate covered strawberries

• Festive Christmas cupcakes
   (a variety of flavours)

• Assortment of seasonal fruit pies

From intimate dinners for two,
to weddings and conferences!

Individual prices available.

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