Grill Ready Menu Tier 2... Summer

For pricing and menu adjustments, please contact us directly at
or 705.238.9873

Entrées -

    • Maple planked salmon with a rye
       whiskey and lavender hills honey glaze

    • Grilled free-range chicken breast with:
       Black River rub and BBQ sauce -OR-
       Lavender hills honey and mustard glaze

    • Canadian Angus strip loins crusted with
       our Black River Rub and peppercorn jus

    • Ontario raised thick cut T-Bone pork
       chops served with a Georgian Bay apple
       compote or wild berry compote

    • Boulanger organic lamb racks (market
       price) dusted with prairie mustard and
       toasted nuts

    • Jerked chicken pieces with fresh fruit salsa

Individual prices available.

From the Garden -

• Roasted red skinned potato, frenched
   beans, sweet peppers in a dill aioli

• Black River slaw with wood-smoked
   pumpkin seeds and sultanas

• Wheat berry lentil, chickpea and
   planked vegetables

• Smoked sausage, panchetta, Tuscan
   olives, artichokes and sun dried tomatoes

• Organic seedlings, farmers market
   vegetable with yam strips and teardrop
   tomatoes with herbed vinaigrette

Sides -

• Double stuffed jacket potatoes

• Field corn (Seasonal) with herbed
   compound butters

• Grilled Ontario Asparagus with
   lemon zest butter

• Marinated Grilled vegetable medley

• Algonquin wild rice, roasted sweet squash,
   dried Bala cranberries and herbs

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